Who we are

Farm Fresh Grocery is a registered company which specializes in the procurement, and sales of strictly Made-in-Nigeria, farm-fresh produce grown in our farm located at Gberigbe-Ikorodu or sourced from trusted farmers who observe the safest agricultural practices. Our primary objective is to provide healthy food alternatives for Nigerians in all aspects of Nutrition.

Our Mission

Farm Fresh Grocery aims to achieve its vision by ensuring the consumption of foods with high nutritional value one meal at a time.

Our Vision

A world in which Nigerians have safe and easy access to farm fresh foods, 24/7

  • In this world, people live healthier, happier and longer.
  • In this world, people are at their optimum performance at home, at work and at play.
  • In this world, there is maximum productivity and reduced incidences of man-hour shortage, attributable to ill health or health related issues.
Our Objective
  • To provide groceries and related food items in their peak form or best nutritional state.
  • To provide farm fresh produce on a daily basis to our customers across Lagos
  • To eliminate or grossly reduce loss-of-nutrients associated with imported groceries, which have to go through various processing stages to ensure safe transportation.
  • To add value to the lives of health conscious customers
  • To advocate safe and healthy eating amongst the non-health conscious populace.
  • To reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases, many of which are associated with poor eating habits, especially denatured foods, harmful groceries and farm produce like the so called “plastic rice”.
  • To motivate people to #EatResponsibly.