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Did You Know That Cholera Kills More People Than Covid?

It’s safe to say that buying bottled drinks or beverage products can help prevent some unnecessary health challenges but the question is- how hygienic are these sellers and vendor stores? How much assurance do these vendors provide you with the necessary information on how you need to stay healthy asides advertising products? Do they care about your health or the other way round?

We just recently discovered that as of December last year, the summation of Covid cases in Lagos recorded over 757 fatality rate, while over 1,300 severe cases were recorded from the city of Jigawa, Sokoto, Ondo, Osun, Cross River and Abia State.

You never know how close you are to it but taking precautions is a logical step.

Using Boiled Water Goes A Long Way

Boiling water is the most effective way to stay healthy and more safe. Sometimes it might seem too stressful but you can use a chlorine product such as; granules or product tablets.

You can also  purchase your food items from stores that assure you of healthy production of foods, grocery and beverage selling physical and virtual outlets. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has more information to provide Making Water Safe in an Emergency page with more specific instructions on how to treat your water.

Washing Your Hands Is Always The Best Guide

Please do not feel like the principle of “handwashing” sounds old school or more archaic. 

This challenge has led most people to serious illnesses that they probably won’t recover from. It’s always safe to wash before and after caring for a child or anyone, when using the latrine or preparing food for the family. It’s always to apply soap, scrub carefully and rinse your hands inside clean water.

Clean Up Safely

Sometimes you might be in a hurry to meet up with work or the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) meeting for the kids. Even beating traffic most times can surface as a challenge and not having the time to clean up after preparing breakfast, feeding areas or anywhere else but it is very vital to wash up and dry completely before reuse.

Purchase Grocery Items From Safe Environments

Buying groceries is one to always take cognizance of and if you are looking to eat safe and healthy, taking note of the ambiance and health structure of any any grocery business is the best way to go about it- you get it cleanly washed, sold with moral ethical standards and observance of great Covid-19 practices.

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