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So Fresh. Healthy Food, Made Fresh Daily- Farm Fresh Grocery Updates

Truth is, you don’t have to look like those magazine cover models, celebrities or worry about having head turns while you work by the roadside- the confidence you have in yourself is just what we want for you- but eating the right set of foods and veggies is just what you need to make that happen.

Start the year right with plenty of seasonal fruit and veggies available through January, making those healthy eating resolutions a little bit easier:

Are you seriously considering getting past January without some taste of Broccoli?

Don’t just mention it. Roasted Fresh Broccoli with garlic, lemon, and Parmesan Cheese, is a side dish recipe that is sure to be the Best Broccoli of Your Life! It’s truly remarkable when you Serve this delectable recipe for anything from holiday dinners or just as a simple side for Breaded Chicken Cutlets or Baked Chicken Thighs with roasted potatoes everyone will love. This simple, yet delicious twist on one of our favorite vegetables is the perfect side dish for almost any meal. We love this recipe so much that we’ve started creating similar recipes with other vegetables.  Common, you really should try it.

Okay, you just have to admit it, having some Savoy Cabbage just has to be the best thing ever this Month

This dark green, crinkly Cabbage has a sweet, earthy flavor and is best eaten cooked or raw. Savoy has slightly looser leaves than other cabbage varieties, but its head should still be compact and weighty, with crisp leaves. This dark green brassica has a distinctive, sweet and slightly earthy taste that stands up well against rich, bold or meaty flavors. 

It makes a great side dish for a Sunday roast, too – just paired with zesty lemon and hazelnuts.

Did you think getting passed this month without some Cherry Tomatoes Recipes would spark up a difference?

It is the new year!! You need to switch up on the way you enjoy life- Yes! You read it right. If you’re lucky enough to have a garden of your own, you’ll probably be knee-deep in cherry tomatoes by the end of August but if not? At least you have us- giving you plenty of opportunities to eat them all to the fullest. Let’s make you salivate with some food options like:

Burst Cherry Tomatoes

Create juicy surprises for your family with every bite with this incredible recipe and swift the home or customers off their feet. Click here to find more info here…

Cherry Tomatoes With Coriander and Rosemary

Of course, this is the delectable dish that springs up memories from every corner of the room. soak ripe Cherry Tomatoes with lots of extra virgin oil and mild roast of intense deliciousness. Click here to find out more info on these amazing recipes

Sweet Corn with Cherry Tomatoes Compote

Add those perfect corn textures to your Jam Tomato Compote and add unspeakable sweetness to your veggie recipes this month. Here’s a link to help

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