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Production Assistant, Farm Fresh Grocery

Production Assistant in Farm Fresh Grocery

Are you on the job hunt or know someone in search of employment opportunities in the Agric sector?

Perhaps you are skilled in farm-fresh food production but haven’t found the right job to suit your skill? We’d love to connect with you. We’re currently looking to expand our team we want you to join us.

Farm Fresh Grocery is a company that specializes in the procurement, and sales of Made-in-Nigeria, farm-fresh products, carefully grown from industry-owned farms.

How about the job description?

● Planting, weeding, watering, transplanting, and harvesting our fresh farm produce.

● Efficient at weighing and packaging products for purchase and repurchase 

● Some site-specific landscaping responsibilities 

● Assistance with farmer’s markets and farm stand operation 

● Complete sales, stock display, and record inventory at markets 

● Be humble

What qualifications do I need to have?

  • SSCE, JCE or O Level Result
  • BSC in any Agricultural or science discipline 
  • Previous experience in Agriculture will be an added advantage

Are there any other skills required of me?

Sure thing! We’re all about new ideas and persistence, but respectful, empathetic, goal-oriented, social, Interpersonal, and effective in negotiation as well as organization and planning.

Is there any age requirement?

Of course, 18+

Is it a fixed salary or compensation?

The salary base is a total of N30,000 with a bonus when the target is exceeded.

How Do I Apply?

It’s quite easy, put your CV together, forward it to farmfreshngr@gmail.com and we’ll respond to you shortly.

Want to reach out?

We’d love that! Please click to reach us on Instagram @farmfreshngr

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